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Pollution causes green snow in Russia

In Russia, a dream of snow has been a nightmare.

Green snow exists. It also has spectrum colors, ranging from white to pink, orange and black. The phenomenon can be framed as one more for the account of climate change.

Like most climatic problems, the change of color in the snow can be traced to some factory, emitting some form of harmful gas.

Countless citizens caught the attention of the Internet as they documented their shock at the snow falling from the skies in shades of green and black. Darkened snow comes from combustion particles of fossil fuels in the atmosphere, also known as soot.

In addition to being extremely toxic, this specific type of snow (contaminated by soot) also accelerates global warming as dark snow absorbs and conserves heat due to its physical properties.

Finishing the soot would possibly reduce the overall temperature by up to 0.05 C.

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