Products that Benefit the Climate - Instituto Ecológica

Products that Benefit the Climate - Instituto Ecológica

Products that Benefit the Climate

Sustainable Development Through Products that Benefit the Climate

Community Development
Biodiversity Conservation
Knowledge Enhancement
Technology Transfer Climate Change Water Resources
Ecosystem Cerrado
Localization Palmas/TO
Legal Framework National Funding
Project Status Completed
Fundraising Modality Exclusive
Fundraising Status Closed

Local Context

The program aimes to the conservation of native areas, recovery planting, environmental education and commercialization of sustainable products. The activities were developed in the Ecotropical Center in Taquaruçu Palmas, Tocantins.

Project Description

The project goals are to implement an integrated sustainability program aimed at conservation of native forests and plantation recovery; to encourage scientific research and commercialization of sustainable products; to develop and implement business plans based on ecotourism and commercialization of sustainable products; to encourage trade in regional products generating jobs and income; to encourage ecotourism and to restore 6000 meters of riparian forest; to deploy 4 hectares of agroforestry systems in order to recover areas in the region and encourage multiple planting crops for sustainable land use.


  • Native areas conservation.
  • Climate change mitigation.
  • Knowledge dissemination.
  • Income generation.
  • Sustainable land use.


  • Plantations for recovery.
  • Environmental education.
  • Sustainable products commercialization.
  • Scientific research.
  • Ecotourism.
Riparian Forest Restoration (in meters)
Agroforestry Systems Implementation (in hectare)