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Indians ally with former enemies to defend the Amazon

Past feuds – which almost led one of these groups to extermination – were abandoned in the name of a larger goal: to defend the Amazon. 

The list of concerns includes government plans to authorize leasing and mining on indigenous lands and actions that would be encouraging invasions by prospectors and loggers on their territories, as well as pesticide contamination of local rivers.

The region, which occupies parts of Pará and Mato Grosso, has an area equivalent to Rio Grande do Sul and is one of the last preserved parts of the Amazon in its eastern portion. Data from the Sirad-X newsletter, however, indicate that the region lost 68900 hectares of forest – equivalent to the Salvador area – between January and June this year. The newsletter is produced by Rede Xingu +, that also organized the assembly and brings together 24 environmental and indigenous organizations from the region.