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Placid Shores - Instituto Ecológica

Placid Shores

Documentary About Relocation of Families from Barra Bonita

Technology Transfer
Biodiversity Conservation
Knowledge Enhancement
Community Development Climate Change
Water Resources
Ecosystem Cerrado and Atlantic Forest
Localization Barra Bonita/SP
Legal Framework National Funding
Project Status Completed
Fundraising Modality Exclusive
Fundraising Status Closed

Local Context

The project consists of a 52-minute documentary focused on the process of relocation of families who illegally occupy areas on the banks of the Barra Bonita reservoir (SP), with reference to the filmography of the French director Raymond Depardon. The initiative was a partnership with AES Tiete.

Project Description

The documentary seeks to illustrate the day-to-day difficulty of people occupying irregular areas, through the composition of images accompanied by interviews with people responsible for the agencies and entities involved in the problem, social workers and testimonies of men, women and children.

Files for Download

Resume (Portuguese)


  • Knowledge dissemination.
  • Discussion about relocation of families.
  • Discussion about irregular occupation.


  • Documentaries.
  • Interviews.
  • Sustainable development.