Support for Watershed Committees - Instituto Ecológica

Support for Watershed Committees - Instituto Ecológica

Support for Watershed Committees

Technical Support to Watershed Committees of the Rivers: Formoso, Manuel Alves, UEH Lajeado, Lontra and Corda

Water Resources
Biodiversity Conservation
Knowledge Enhancement
Community Development
Technology Transfer
Climate Change
Ecossistema Cerrado and Amazon
Local Tocantins
Enquadramento legal State Law no. 1,307 of March 22, 2002
Project Status Active
Fundraising Modality Exclusive
Fundraising Status Closed

Local Context

The quality of the water resources of Tocantins is threatened by environmental degradation caused by deforestation and increased exploitation of natural resources. This  happens mainly because of the increase in the population of municipalities surrounding the river basins.

The project, which will last 12 months, aims to encourage the maintenance of preserved environments, with emphasis on river basins areas; to disseminate knowledge through environmental education projects; and to structure the watershed committees.

Project Description

The project aims to create water resource protection strategies in Tocantins by implementing a communication plan for the watershed committees, and by supporting meetings, travels, social mobilization and training. Therefore, the initiative aims to: create a specific website for each of the committees in the four rivers; develop graphic material and folders; support committees in carrying out ordinary and extraordinary meetings; develop a training plan for approximately 100 people; develop a strategy for sustainability and fundraising for the committees.


  •  Committees and community development.
  • Water resources conservation.
  • Knowledge dissemination.
  • Income generation.
  • Climate change mitigation.



  • Communication plan.
  • Website creation.
  • Folders.
  • Training.
  • Committee structure.
  • Sustainability strategy.
  • Fundraising strategy for the committees.


Watershed Committees to Be Benefited
People to be Trained
Websites to be Developed