Amazon deforestation increased 80% in September, says Imazon - Instituto Ecológica

Amazon deforestation increased 80% in September, says Imazon

Deforestation remains high in the Amazon. In September, an estimated 802 square kilometers (km²) were cleared in 30 days, according to data released on Wednesday by the Imazon Deforestation Alert System (SAD), an organization that independently monitors forest cover. in the Legal Amazon.

There was an 80% increase in deforestation compared to the same month of 2018, when 444 km² were felled. It is the second consecutive month that satellites indicate an increase in deforestation in the new Prodes Period. Explaining: Deforestation in the Amazon is always measured between July of one year and August of the following year. In August, the first month, there was a 63% increase from August 2018. In the second month, the increase was even more pronounced.

Chico Mendes Extractive Reserve (AC), the Triunfo do Xingu Environmental Protection Area (PA) and Jaci Paraná Extractive Reserve (RO) lead the ranking of most deforested protected areas in September. The indigenous lands Apyterewa, Cachoeira Seca do Iriri and Ituna / Itatá, all in Pará, are at the top of the most lost forest area in the month.