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Students organize global strike against Climate Change

Wisdom does not necessarily come with age.

Today, March 15, 2019, signs of a new, emerging, politicized generation have never been so clear. Thousands of children and teenagers have skipped class this Friday, but it’s not for the reason you’re thinking.

There are strikes happening in more than 100 countries, organized by young people. In total there are over 2000 events. Activists protest for their governments to listen to them. Its message is simple: the world needs to come together to fight against climate change and the government needs to implement measures to make that possible.

Some politicians criticized the strike, claiming that school hours should not be wasted on such things. The protesters obviously did not care. Frustrated that they did not have a political voice, and with the ever-increasing climate change nearing irreversible damage, the students’ solution materialized in the form of the strike.

The movement began with a solitary protest in September 2018. It was performed by Greta Thunberg, a 15-year-old Swedish teenager. Greta has just been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Today, half a year since the first protest, comess the greatest action ever organized by the yopung climate activists.

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