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Cultural Horizons - Instituto Ecológica

Cultural Horizons

Documentary Series About Climate Change

Technology Transfer
Biodiversity Conservation
Knowledge Enhancement
Community Development Climate Change Water Resources
Ecosystem Cerrado
Localization Brazil
Legal Framework National Funding
Project Status Completed
Fundraising Modality Exclusive
Fundraising Status Closed

Local Context

The documentary series has focused on the Brazilian Cerrado and biodiversity conservation. Based on the Kyoto Protocol, the project addressed the different forms of resources and actions from individuals and companies seeking to improve the impacts of development on the environment. Cultural Horizons had framework in Art. 18 of the Rouanet Law and was approved by the Ministry of Culture. Investco was Ecologica Institute’s partner.

Project Description

The project aimed at the production of three documentaries medium-length, with 26 minutes each: Horizontes Climático (Climatic Horizons), Horizonte Sustentável (Sustainable Horizon) and Horizonte Energético (Energetic Horizon).

In Climatic Horizons illustrated through a series of interviews and images how resources are being perceived among businessmen and people from different regions and countries through institutional participation of the embassies of Italy, Sweden, Portugal and Austria and the focus in the areas of different economic and social profiles in Brazil.

Sustainable Horizon consisted of a series of interviews in Brazil and abroad, presenting how the issue of sustainable development has been discussed, its results, as well as analysis of the future of mankind.

Energetic Horizon analyzes the dichotomy of the consequences and long-term prospects of dam construction considering the benefits and economic, social and cultural losses on local people and on the region, from the testimonies of its protagonists.

Files for Download

Resume (Portuguese)


  • Knowledge dissemination.
  • Fostering climate discussion.
  • Discussion about dam construction.


  • Documentaries.
  • Interviews.
  • Cerrado.
  • Sustainable development.