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Turtles of Bananal Island

Biodiversity Conservation
Knowledge Enhancement Community Development Technology Transfer Climate Change
Water Resources
Ecosystem Cerrado and Amazon
Localization Bananal Island/TO
Legal Framework International Funding
Project Status Completed
Fundraising Modality Exclusive
Fundraising Status Closed

Local Context

Conservation of Podocnemis expansa and Podocnemis unifilis turtles in the region of Bananal Island.

Project Description

The project seeks to analyze and understand the reproductive behavior of these turtle species. For this, a demonstration unit in the Canguçu Research Center was established to support the project’s conservation objectives and environmental education.

A 200,000 ha area of tropical forest has been preserved, in partnership with IBAMA, Naturatins and FUNAI, and two private reserves have been established. For this project, the Institute has also  partnered with the Earthwatch Institute and the Federal University of Tocantins.

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  • Biodiversity conservation.
  • Knowledge dissemination.
  • Mitigation of climate change.


  • Analysis of the reproductive behavior of turtles.
  • Environmental education.
  • Demonstration unit.
  • Protection of eggs from predators.
Conserved Tropical Forest (in hectare)
Established RPPNs