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The Cattle Game

Knowledge Enhancement
Biodiversity Conservation Community Development
Technology Transfer
Climate Change Water Resources
Ecosystem Cerrado
Localization Tocantins
Legal Framework National and International Funding
Project Status Completed
Fundraising Modality Exclusive
Fundraising Status Closed

Local Context

Considering the Ecologica Institute’s success in replacing non-renewable energy by renewable in ceramist industries, it has become possible to do something similar with the farmers in Tocantins. The is a project that is part of the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union and it seeks to transfer successful sustainable solutions to other communities facing similar challenges. Thus, the Ecologica Institute has put together a study case aiming to spread knowledge and to identify the preference of farmers regarding REDD  (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation) or PES (Payment for Environmental Services). The initiative took place between October and November 2013 in several municipalities in the state of Tocantins.

Project Description

The Institute used a computer program developed by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETHZ) that simulates the scenario of a farm characterized by livestock in extensive grazing, in which the owners should make economic decisions related to the intensification of grassland, PES and REDD. The so-called “Cattle Game” was made available for 417 participants including technicians, farmers and students. The goal was to calculate the possibility of replacing extensive cattle for a intensive production, helping to decrease the use of native ecosystems and allowing discussion of REDD projects.

Files for Download

Cattle Game

Project Report 


  • Sustainable solutions dissemination.
  • Decreased use of native ecosystem.
  • Climate change mitigation.
  • Discussion about REDD projects.


  • Technology transfer.
  • Identification of ranchers’ preferences on REDD and PES.
  • Game simulating farm.
  • Encouragement regarding intensive production.